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    • Finish - Redwood
    • Finish - Cedar
    • Finish - Thermowood
    • Finish - Larch
  • 3m x 2.1m
  • 4m x 2.1m
  • 4.5m x 2.1m
  • 5m x 2.1m
  • 5.5m x 2.1m
  • 6m x 2.1m
  • 6.5m x 2.1m
  • 7m x 2.1m
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    • - Redwood
    • - Cedar
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    • - Larch
    Pod Size
    • 3m x 2.1m
    • 4m x 2.1m
    • 4.5m x 2.1m
    • 5m x 2.1m
    • 5.5m x 2.1m
    • 6m x 2.1m
    • 6.5m x 2.1m
    • 7m x 2.1m

Mobile Portopod

Mobile Portopod

Built on a steel frame, our mobile trailer building is clad in Western Cedar wood and has a fully insulated floor, roof and walls.

It comes fully fitted with lights, sockets, UPVC windows and doors, commercial grade laminate flooring and built on trailer 12" wheels.

These buildings do not qualify for business rates and are therefore perfect for small mobile businesses. Also suitable for homeowners seeking an extra income from rented accommodation or temporary mobile living space. Standard trailer size is 4.8 m x 2.1 but other sizes are available.

* Example pictured includes added extras, circa £17,770
If you require custom sizes please get in touch.

Standard Dimensions
  • L: 3m
  • W: 2.1m

Starts from 13995

  • Steel frame building
  • Trailer 12" wheels
  • Exterior clad in Western Cedar wood
  • Treated with Osmo Oil
  • Fully insulated floor, walls and roof
  • Commercial grade laminate flooring
  • Interior Redwood matchboard cladding
  • LED Lights and sockets w/ 16 amp plugin
  • UPVC windows and doors
  • 6mm double glazed units
  • Rubberised roof
Available Mobile Portopod sizes

Prices for Mobile Portopods start from £13995

W: 2.1m x L: 3m
W: 2.1m x L: 4m
W: 2.1m x L: 4.5m
W: 2.1m x L: 5m
W: 2.1m x L: 5.5m
W: 2.1m x L: 6m
W: 2.1m x L: 6.5m
W: 2.1m x L: 7m